Questions to Ask Your Web Designer

Web sites do not “magically appear” on the Internet. Creating a web site requires more than using a web site template and filling in the blanks.

Web development, planning, and design is not the same for every company. That’s why it’s important to work with web developers that know the right questions to ask.

A good web development company or individual web designer / developer will sit down with you and discuss your web site as part of your business goals.

Web Design Questions

Web Design Considerations

Web developers should be concerned with several issues regarding your web site including:

Affordable Web Design Services

Professional Web Sites Support Your Business Goals

JP Design creates web sites that are:

Does your web site template fulfill all of these goals?

Commonly used, “canned” web site templates, pre-constructed designs into which you can place your own content and images, are widely available and often used by businesses with low budgets for web site development.

But using common templates is risky. For example, if you use out-of-the-box, canned templates, it's possible that your web site could have the same design as another web site – maybe even one of your competitor's. Customization and proper functionality of the web site’s components depend on your skills and creativity.

Does your web site have a professional “look and feel”? Will your customers feel confident and secure about your products and services when they visit and conduct transactions on your web site? A web site with an amateur design can damage credibility – and your customers will find another site that gives them that sense of confidence.

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